Natasha, Melbourne

Summer is an excellent team leader and mentor. As a recent graduate entering the professional workforce for the first time, she has supported me with my learning within the industry, and within myself. She always makes time to prepare me with the knowledge I need to succeed in marketing and PR and has helped me understand the finer details of web and copywriting, social media, and the beauty of the full stop. Summer is a friendly, helpful and patient leader, answering questions and requests from the team and me without hesitation. As my leader, she always ensures I understand the reasons behind her decisions, as well as supporting me 100% on my journey through the working world. I am truly blessed to have her as my mentor and leader, and she is the inspiration for my future career. Couldn’t give her a higher recommendation if I tried, Summer is a dedicated and extremely competent member of the team and will be a valued part of any team she works with.