My reverse bucket list

What’s on your travel bucket list? Volunteering in Africa, teaching English in Prague, eating pasta in Rome? We dream of the next adventure, the next achievement, the next thing… but what about reflecting on the life we have lived? Here’s my reverse bucket list – my top 10 most unforgettable travel moments in Asia. 1. Watching sunrise … Continue reading My reverse bucket list

Bon voyage

In three weeks I will board a plane to Germany. During my time in Europe I will stay in Amsterdam, lunch in Brussels, visit London and explore Paris. This trip is a dream come true for me. I hope to post a blog about each country - probably not while I'm travelling, but in the months ahead. So, fasten your seat … Continue reading Bon voyage

Epiphany from the edge

People often ask me how I got into writing. So, at the expense of my autobiography, I'm going to share the story with you. In 1995, I undertook a one year journey to Nepal and India to 'find myself.' I was 22 years old. Oh, and I'd met a Nepalese boy in Sydney I'd decided … Continue reading Epiphany from the edge

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