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6 reasons PR pros are perfect for social media

In 6 PR and social media predictions for 2013 author Sandra Fathi says public relations will win the battle over which corporate discipline “owns” social media. Hear, hear! Digital and mobile technologies continue to transform the PR practice. The lines separating PR, marketing, branding, advertising, and customer service are blurry indeed in social media. Do PR professionals… Continue reading 6 reasons PR pros are perfect for social media

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Eight ways to create refrigerator journalism

I recently heard a term that has really stuck with me: refrigerator journalism. It was used by Ragan Communication’s CEO and publisher of PR Daily Mark Ragan at the 2012 International Social Media and PR Summit (SMPR2012) in Amsterdam. During his opening presentation on brand journalism (aka content marketing) Mark said the Holy Grail is… Continue reading Eight ways to create refrigerator journalism

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My new role – and why I love it

I was recently promoted from PR Executive to Social Media Manager. I'm absolutely loving my new role. But it's also been a surprisingly steep learning curve. Why? Well, it turns out there's a big difference between using social media as part of your broader PR strategy and being completely immersed in it eight hours a day, five days… Continue reading My new role – and why I love it

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Changing times

I recently had a conversation with a communications professional that completely surprised me. It went something like this... Me: I'm experimenting with Pinterest at the moment. Response: What's Pinterest? Me: [A little shocked ... okay, what about Facebook ...]  Me: Facebook could be used as our primary communication channel for students because 100 per cent of them are there, but… Continue reading Changing times