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Richmond Bridge, Tasmania

Changing times

I recently had a conversation with a communications professional that completely surprised me. It went something like this... Me: I'm experimenting with Pinterest at the moment.…

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Bon voyage

In three weeks I will board a plane to Germany. During my time in Europe I will stay in Amsterdam, lunch in Brussels, visit London and…

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Summer and son

What’s parenting got to do with it?

It's quite strange when your son reaches an age where he is not only taller than you are - but is also smarter than you…

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London calling

I went to Europe with my mum and her best friend when I was three years old. I have five memories of that trip: the entrance…

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Nine ideas for inspiring writing

Mum and I are both authors - she writes fiction and I write non-fiction. In deciding what to contribute for a guest post, I asked…

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Six lessons in the school of hard knocks

English was one subject I truly loved at school. As a teenager, I would have three novels on the go at any given time. I enjoyed…

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You are worth a rest

I am on my first real holiday in years. A holiday where the beach is the only destination on the itinerary. A holiday where reading is for pleasure only (I'm thoroughly…

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