What’s your theme for 2014?

I love Twitter. I get so many ideas, insights and inspiration from the people I follow. I met @trevoryoung in 2008 and he has since become both a mentor and a friend. Trevor posted his three words for the year, and a theme, over on his PR Warrior blog this week. I’m poaching the idea to share here.

My theme for the year is:


I’m undertaking a postgraduate course this year. It’s a 12-month Diploma in Digital Marketing starting in March. It took seven years to complete my degree and it’s taken me this long – nine years – to consider doing formal study again! I’ve completed short courses over the years, but I’m looking forward to the challenge and commitment of a longer course.

I want to learn through books still waiting to be read, including Trevor Young’s Microdomination. I want to keep practicing photography, guitar and singing. Oh, and learn more about web development, social media and management through experience…

My three words are:


I am a control freak master planner. I’ve had five year plans for as long as I can remember. Then I set one year goals to achieve my master plan. This approach to life has served me well because it’s helped me to achieve stuff. Like a degree. But it hasn’t really allowed for new – and dare I say better? – possibilities. So this year I’m going to attempt to plan less and trust more. Take more risks. Let go a little and see what happens. Although, I must admit, I’ve already booked flights to Italy for later this year. Grande!


Last year had a strong focus on personal development and this theme continues in 2014. It’s my seventh year of sobriety and maintaining emotional sobriety is the next frontier. I do regular meditation now and I want to expand this practice. I hope to continue developing Sun on my Parade and its community of women. I want to keep growing personally, professionally and spiritually.


I want to create more healthy, honest and respectful relationships. I’d like to have better boundaries, with less people-pleasing and fewer expectations. I need to start listening more and talking less. I hope to develop more humility and let go of some pride. I’d like to practice better self-care, get more sleep and exercise regularly. I want to become a better work colleague, manager, mentor and friend.

What are your three words for 2014? 

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